Eric Soll painting on Beach outside Tarifa, Spain

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Artist Statement

My paintings are metaphorical for relationships found in everyday life. The significant and the trivial are juxtaposed to establish the significance of the relationship between them. Elements that are unimportant to conveying the desired correlation are eliminated - resulting in the minimalistic aspect of my landscapes. My colors are chosen to further establish the relationships and secondly to evoke abstract experiences such as temperature, movement, flow, the smell of fresh cut fields, or the rush of the wind through the fields. My intent has always been to find ways of capturing the most profound sentiments.

Solo Exhibitions:

June 2004 Ayuntamiento de Cadiz, Sala de Exposiciones El Populo

Group Exhibitions:


Artistīs Bio

I was raised in the expansive deserts of Arizona where the landscape is dominated by hot yellows and reds. In my youth I delved in leatherworking and airbrushing and made extra money on the side by painting apartments. In college I spent two years working on the restoration of a historic house. Ironically, it was while painting houses that that I realized how much I loved to have a brush in my hand. Throughout my life I have been driven by a desire to invent, create and build. I studied Computer Engineering and subsequently passed 8 years working in the Arizona semiconductor industry. While this satisfied my desire to build, it did not provide a pure creative outlet and weighed upon me until I decided to pursue my painting full time.

My life took a unique twist when I left my job to go paint full time in Europe. I found myself in the Andalucian city of Cadiz in southern Spain over the course of two years. I spent much of my time painting in the countryside outside of the ancient village of Vejer de la Frontera. I currently live and paint among the artists of New York.

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